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Overcoming Genetic Tendencies In Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease

Is Sleep Apnea a Condition You're Born With, or Can You Develop It?

When a lot of people gain pounds or develop medical conditions, they often believe they inherited the problem from their parents. I bet you've heard, "My relatives have it too." Although there are some fixed genetic traits, such as eye or hair color, and several genetic aberrations, up to 80% of our genes are affected by all sorts, including our lifestyle choices.

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Body Basics and FAQ

The HLA region comprises many genes involved in defense mechanisms functions. These genes work by creating proteins for your immune cells. The proteins are widely-used with the body's defence mechanism cells to identify invaders like bacteria and viruses and also the body's own cells. If this process fails, the immune cells attack cellular structure by the body processes like those from your pancreas, called an autoimmune reaction. There are two genes in the HLA region that increases an individual's probability of acquiring Type 1 diabetes from his parents, these genes would be the DR and DQ genes. The DR gene accounts for 40-50% possibility of inheriting diabetes.
- I have had an ordinary mammogram since my only positive mammogram a decade ago

- I just had my blood work done, and things are all normal, though diabetes, high-cholesterol, and high triglycerides run in the family on one side, and a huge belly works on the other side

- Mine is comparatively flat

- Something only works well with someone when their body tells them believe that better carrying it out, and so they are able to keep performing it till they find and look after their very best weight

What can you do regarding it?
My belief is always that with proper lifestyle, most of the cases of Hypertension could be avoided. I am going to use myself for example. Ten years ago I owned an incredibly successful pharmacy in Virginia. Life was great-my son was only born, it turned out Christmas so when far because so many people knows, I had it great. What many people didn't know is 72 hours before here Christmas my hypertension was 165/110. That is excessively high for anyone-especially someone 32 years. This didn't make sense-I ate right, exercised and took great good care of my health. So WHY? After a few more days monitoring of my blood pressure level (it had been still high) I realized there had to be another cause-STRESS! Yes even with everything going great, the worries of owning my pharmacy was taking its toll on my small health. I had an option, take medication or get rid of the stress. So, on December 27th 1997 I decided to get rid of the load-my pharmacy. I understand a large number of people can't just up and then leave your jobs, but my example is one a large number of should understand-Lifestyle plays a HUGE roll within your health.

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